E-commerce has significantly restructured the modern marketplace. Consumers have become accustomed to instant results, which means many would instead shop online.

According to research, 46% of Australians shop online more often nowadays. Nasdaq says that 95% of all purchases will be made through eCommerce by 2040. Each day you postpone the transition to eCommerce, your business is losing an opportunity to earn large profits.

You’re probably hesitant to launch an online shop because you think it’s not for small businesses. In this article, we will scrutinise how important it is also to have an eCommerce store no matter your business size:

Fewer Expenses

Having a physical store incurs many costs—rental, maintenance, safety, security, etc. In eCommerce, you only have to make monthly or yearly payments for the software you use.

Over time, you will need a more complex website, and when that time comes, you’ll need to hire a professional website designer Sydney. Unlike physical stores, there are no surprise expenditures if the pipes are leaky or if a window gets broken.

Search Engine Traffic

Instead of paying for aggressive strategies to attract customers to your store, search engines find the customers for you. Search engines match search queries to the information in your store. This is why it’s essential to use specific keywords that your target market would likely search. Keep your content updated, relevant, and original to gain credibility with Google bots.

Easier Tracking of Product Inventory

“When a customer purchases your online store, the order is instantly sent to the fulfilment department. There’s no need to rush to the warehouse yourself. It’s also easier to know if you still have many stores or if you need to order more from the wholesaler.”, explains Karina Wolfin, CEO of Direct Appliance Rentals.

Ecommerce sites also allow you to monitor the item from fulfilment to delivery.

Automated Feedback and Support


Businesses need to cater to customer feedback, questions, and complaints as soon as possible. An eCommerce site can be integrated with tools to allow smooth communication. You can install bots that can provide support for common issues. Customers can also leave messages while you’re out, and you can set an automatic reply telling them that you will respond within a specific period. Did you know that 61% of customers prefer to be contacted via email?

Accessible 24/7

One of the best things about an online store is its 24/7 accessibility. This is particularly important if you’re shipping to other countries. But even if your market is local, it would help make your store available any time of the day. There might be customers who only have time to shop after 9 pm.

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