It’s easy to calculate the monetary value of products or services, but the consumer’s perception is the determining factor of your brand’s overall value.  For this reason, strengthening your brand and communicating its value to customers through various channels is crucial for the growth and success of your company.

The branding consultant of Novalease says, “Branding allows you to establish an identity so that you become distinguishable, even in a saturated marketplace. A strong brand identity draws customers and even inspires a solid following. You won’t have to try hard; your loyal customers will do it for you.”

Create A Targeted Brand Message

Find a market with whom you share the same set values and priorities. When customers realise that you have specific similarities or that you represent their lifestyle, your brand’s value strengthens. Rather than trying to please everyone, set your eyes on particular subjects. For example, a manufacturer of leather bags can become more distinctive if their marketing is focused on women in the corporate field rather than selling their products to all working women.

Use A Consistent Voice

Branding is also synonymous to consistency. How would customers remember a company that keeps on changing its persona? Think of your brand as a person. Is it serious and professional? Funny and a bit sexy? Does it talk like your grandma?

A recent study shows that 33% of consumers follow a brand due to its distinct personality.

Work with a brand strategist to solidify the personality of your company and consistently present this personality to customers. Make sure that the language, tone, colours, and opinions are aligned with your target audience so that they can associate you with their wants and needs.

Maintain Designs at High Standards


Design is an integral part of branding, and it probably is the strongest one. According to research, consumers put the most consideration of visual appearance when shopping. Data shows that 85% of the respondents base their decision on the product’s colour.

This form of visual communication includes colours, fonts, shapes, patterns, and the way elements are organised in your website, packaging, emails, business cards, posters, etc. All of these directly affect your brand’s perceived value.

Inspire Loyalty

Focus on building a long-term relationship rather than one-time sales. By continuously producing content that pique the interest of your target audience, they’d start associating their identity with your brand. Customer loyalty is key to any company’s long-term success.

Create helpful content. Don’t just focus on informing them about your latest products and promos. Think of the challenges your customers could be facing and try to help them out. For example, if you’re a sports apparel company, offer a workout regimen for different ages. A brand that is selling organic pantry items may delight the audience with fresh recipes.

Also, don’t forget to communicate during crucial events. Distribute emails during holidays and check on your customers every now and then.

Branding shows customers what you are and what you can do. Make sure you’re sending the right message by having a good logo, colour palette, brand mark, typeface, and colour palette. Contact Hyeon Design now to plan your branding strategy.