Full-service Design & Development

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side to deliver engaging digital and physical campaigns.


Web Design & Development

We are committed to bring a website design and development service that does not only focus on aesthetic and usability but also implements strong.

Imagine large images and video sliders on your web pages, chic, SEO friendly copy, captivating visual elements, easy navigation, responsive across any screen, one-click tasks, and strategically placed call-to-action buttons…. All this within 2 seconds of loading time.

This is what we promise; designing and developing websites that stay on top of trends, show up on search engines, hook in your audience, convince them to stay longer, and ultimately convert them into customers.

As one of Sydney’s best web design and development agencies, we are also experts in online store integration, building eCommerce sites, and working with platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Our services extend beyond the level of designing a framework. We help you design not only the website, but also the content that will go up on it. From images to videography, we are there to guide you through every step.

Current digital trends lean towards strong visuals. Crisp photographs and catchy video clips have replaced words, and truly, a picture is worth a thousand words. We at Hyeon Design know how important this is and can help transform your digital presence with professional photographs and video clips.



The best brands are the ones that demand to be remembered.
Think: the ‘swoosh’ on your favourite pair of shoes.
Think: the curve of the ‘C’ on the best selling beverage on earth.
And yet, these brands didn’t just stop with creating an iconic logo, they followed through and made you believe that you can ‘Just do it,’ they told you that life is all about breaking down boundaries and sharing; they went beyond being just symbols to symbols that mean something and stand for something greater.

This is what branding means to us; to create an identity for your brand and build a personality that appeals to your audience, engages them, and makes them proud to be a part of your brand.


Digital Marketing

We don’t shoot in the dark, we use digital tools that help identify your audience, the demographics, their interests, and what appeals to them most to deliver targeted Search Engine Marketing.

We run the gamut with Social Media campaigns, Google ad campaigns, YouTube ads, promotions on affiliate channels, and Search Engine Optimisation to deliver targeted and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns that bolster the online ranking of your website and content.

Common SEO problems that threaten your business will be solved expertly by the SEO and Social Media specialists at Hyeon Design. A strong SEO strategy can attract amazing business deals for your company. Our internet marketing solutions and SEM advertising techniques can both promote your business and encourage sales.

Determined by data analytics and trending patterns, the Digital Marketing solutions that Hyeon offers are updated continuously throughout the span of your website.

With us, stay visible and relevant, always.


Web Hosting/Business Email/Maintenance

A dedicated team of web developers & digital marketing experts.
We will ensure the development is professional and the final deliverable is firstly usable for a visitors’ point of view. We will also flex our creative development muscle and include features such as interactivity and animations.

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We support our clients – with 1 month free maintenance for website project.